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Oath Inc.

FAQ - Analytics Insights

What  sources provide data for Analytics Insights?

Analytics and insights are provided from Analytics Insights uses ad opportunities, ad impressions, auction summaries, AOL DMP and some data partners’ data to provide the analytics and insights, based on the traffic sent to Video SSPby our customers. Analytics Insights cannot provide insights on traffic that is not sent to Video SSP.

When is my data available on Analytics Insights?

Each customer’s data is available from the time the organization was onboarded into Analytics Insights. Data it is not available retroactively. For example, if the customer joined Analytics Insights on July 1, 2017, data collection and availability began July 1, 2017, even if the customer used Video SSP at an earlier time.

Can I measure and evaluate my performance against benchmarks of similar customers?

Currently, we cannot provide aggregate benchmarks for reference, however we are investigating this capability for the future.