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2 Audience Insights Dashboard

Use Audience Insights to evaluate scale, revenue and CPM of select audience segments and identify top buyers for those segments. Explore valuable audience segments in your inventory and find top buyers and advertisers for each segment.


Section Description
Filters Use Filters for the data to be visualized from the list. For details, see 4 Filters.
Data Provider Selector Audience segments from ALL data providers are listed by default. To see only segments from a particular data provider, navigate to the Data Provider dropdown and select the specific provider.
Audience Segment Search

Search for audience segments by keyword(s) in the Segment search bar.

For example, entering entering “millennial” in the search bar and pressing enter will yield segments whose names contain the search term. The search bar will also display suggested keyword(s) based on the initial user inputs.

Metric Selector

Audience segments are displayed by default in descending order by revenue. To sort the segments in descending order by a metric other than revenue, select another metric from the Metric dropdown at the top.

Audience Segment Table

Lists all the audience segments which are attributed to a winning impressions in Video SSP.

  • Audience Segment: The first column in the table lists the name of the audience segment.
    Hover over the name of the audience segment for the full name. The name always begins with the data provider name followed by segment descriptors becoming increasingly specific towards the end of the name.

  • Metric value: The second column lists the total Revenue, Impressions, or CPM associated with that particular segment followed by abar depicting the relative value.
    Hover over the metric value or bar to display three metric values (average CPM, impressions, revenue) associated with a particular segment.

Audience Insights Metric Panels

Visualizes values for a specific segment:

Page Navigation

10 audience segments are listed per page by default. To see more than 10 segments on one page, select the option at the bottom right corner to view 25, 50, or 100 segments per page. To navigate between pages, click on the right or left arrow or type in a page number at the bottom of the section.