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1 What is an audience segment?

An audience segment is a group of people who have been identified as sharing a range of demographic and/or behavioral attributes. Each audience segment contains a list of IDs (web browser cookies and mobile device IDs) representing each member of the group.

For example, a segment containing cookies and device IDs that belong to “males over 35 who have purchased a car in the last year”.

Audience segments are often created using Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and contain data from a variety of data sources, such as:

  • Private 1st-party:  Segments that are created using one’s own inventory
  • AOL 1st-party segments
  • 3rd-party: Segments built by a third-party data provider such as BlueKai or eXelate

Visible audience segments

Publishers can view:

  • Demographic and behavioral audience segments using 1st-party proprietary data from AOL, Verizon, and other partners.
  • Demographic and behavioral audience segments from the following 3rd-party data providers:
    • eXelate
    • Eyota
    • Lotame
    • PlaceIQ
    • Semasio
    • VisualdDNA
  • Your 1st-party segments that have already been onboarded into the AOL DMP. If you would like to see analytics for 1st-party audience segments you created with your DMP, please contact Jun Peng ( to get started.