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4 Audience Insights

4 Audience Insights
Evaluate scale, revenue and CPM of select audience segments and identify top buyers for those segments. Explore valuable audience segments in your inventory and find top buyers and advertisers for each segment.

The first of its kind in the market, Audience Insights helps publishers understand the true value of their audiences. You can now use data to create informed inventory packaging, pricing, traffic acquisition and editorial decisions.

Audience Insights looks at raw log-level Video SSP data to identify audience segments that are associated with each winning impression. Each winning impression is analyzed, regardless of the buying and selling method.

Audience Insights is not only able to identify the audience segments associated with Video SSP winning impressions, but also the CPM, impressions, and revenue associated with each audience segment. In addition, Audience Insights can also reveal which of your sites or apps index highest against a particular audience segment, along with the top advertiser domains and DSPs associated with each audience segment.