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Oath Inc.

3 Real-Time Panel under Deals Insights

Use the Real-Time graph to check the status of a deal (data refresh is hourly) in real-time, anticipate and troubleshoot potential delivery issues.

  • The expected revenue is the clearing price of the winning bids. Not all winning bids will lead to an ad impression, thus realized revenue could be smaller than the real-time revenue.
  • Click the graph legend to select the metrics to be shown. The graph can be displayed in absolute or relative value.



Bids/auctions are classified as:

Bid/auction qualification



Number of opportunities (available impressions) from the MPCs1) connected to the deal.
Opportunities = No participation + Participation

1) MPC = Marketplace Connection, the market placement in the Video SSP system.

No Participation

Number of opportunities that don't return bids containing the specific deal ID


Number of opportunities that return at least one bid from buyers containing the specific deal ID.
Participations = Rejected + Outbid + Win


All the opportunities within the participations where every bid targeting the deal is rejected. A bid can be rejected because of filters or other technical reasons


All the opportunities within the participations where all the bids targeting the deal are outbid by higher bids


All the opportunities within the participations where at least one bid targeting the deal won the auction. Winning bids will NOT always lead to an ad impression.