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Oath Inc.

2 Overview Panel under Deals Insights

Deal name and deal ID

Click the external link icon next to the deal name to open the corresponding deal page configuration in the Video SSP console.

Deal configuration data



Buying organization

Name of the platform (DSP/bidder) buying the impressions within the deal ID


Status of a deal: live or paused


Type of deal: Guaranteed, Preferred, Private or Open


Optional - The asking price of the deal and the pricing type (floor or fixed)

Start / End date

Start and end dates of the deal, optional

Graph with historical trends

The graph in the Overview panel represents the evolution of the main KPIs over the selected time range.

  • Click the graph legend to select or deselect metrics of interest. A maximum of 4 metrics may be selected at the same time.
  • Delta is computed against a previous period of time that has the same duration of the period currently selected.




Driven by the impressions sold within the deal


Number of impressions sold within the deal


Number of times the Video SSP platform attempts to display an ad


Average revenue corresponding to a thousand ads within the deal

Success rate

Percentage of ad attempts on the deal that delivered an impression (computed as impressions/ad attempts)


Number of clicks

Completed %

Completion rate at 100%: rate of videos that have played entirely

IAB % / Moat %

Rate of videos measured as viewable by Video SSP (IAB standard) or Moat (3rd party provider)




If deal is profitable

If deal is not profitable

Stop buying

(Deal vs No Deal & no buyer)

Other buyers bid lower than deal price on the same inventory in open market

Deal never profitable

Other buyers bid higher than deal price on the same inventory in open market

Buying on the open market

(Deal vs No Deal & with buyer)

Deal always profitable

Buyer would have paid less on same inventory in open market

Buyer would have paid more on same inventory in open market (buyer is selective with  impressions)


(Deal vs No Deal & unknown buyer behavior)

On average, deal brings value to the seller

On average, deal doesn’t bring  value to the seller