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Oath Inc.

1 Deals Insights Dashboard

Use Deals Insights to track and analyze existing seller deals in your Video SSP inventory. Monitor the status of your deals in real-time and get estimated profits for every deal, defined by the impact of the deal on your revenues.

  • Data in this table is grouped by deal. The table shows the top 20 deals on your selected scope.
  • Use the pagination feature at the bottom of the table to see more deals per page.
  • Data is sorted on revenue in descending order by default. Click the metric name in the table headers to sort the table data.
  • Each line of the table is clickable Visualize in-depth insights on each deal by clicking the specific line. Click the “All deals” line to access aggregated data for all deals.

Table column


Search box

Use the search to filter the data either by Deal name, deal ID, or Buying Organization.

  • When performing research on either a Deal or Buying Organization, a subtotal line appears in the table.
  • Click the subtotal line to access aggregated data for the bidders and advertisers that correspond to your research.
Display deals without traffic toggle

Want to check if the deal ID you just created is being delivered?

  • Use the toggle Display deals without traffic to see which deals are not receiving bids within a selected time period.
  • Sort the table by deal creation date in descending order to display the newest deals at the top of the table.
  • Switch off the toggle and the table will contain only deals that have positive volume in the selected time period.
Date Selector Use the Date Selector to pick a date range for the data you wish to visualize. For details, see 2 Date Selector and Export Data.
Export data Click to download data in either CSV, XLSX or PNG format.

Deal name

Deal name (deal ID). By clicking the All Deals line you will access aggregated data for all deals.

Buying organization

Name of the platform (DSP/bidder) buying the impressions within the deal ID

Table Metrics
  • Real-time Rev.: The expected Real-time Revenue per hour is computed using the clearing price of the winning bids over the last seconds of data.
    • Not all winning bids may lead to an ad impression, thus realized revenue may be smaller than expected revenue.
    • If the Expected Revenue of a deal is lower than $1 per hour, the corresponding field is highlighted in red.
  • Impressions: Number of impressions sold within the deal
  • Revenue: Driven by the impressions sold within the deal
  • Δ Rev.: Delta revenue measures the change in revenue from the currently selected time period against the previous period with the same duration.
  • Rev. Trend: Visual representation of the revenue over the selected period
  • CPM: Average revenue corresponding to a thousand ads within the deal
  • Success %: Success rate: percentage of ad attempts on the deal that delivered an impression (computed as impressions/ad attempts)
  • IAB % / Moat %: Rate of videos measured as viewable by One Video (IAB standard) or Moat (3rd party provider)
  • 100% Completion: Completion rate at 100%: count of videos that have played entirely.
  • Profit: Estimated impact (additional revenue) of running the deal vs. selling the same impressions in the open market