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Oath Inc.

3 Bid Breakdown Panel under Demand Insights

Visualize the outcome of bids submitted by a bidder or advertiser using the Bid Breakdown panel.

  • We count only one bid per buying organization, per auction. If the bid falls into more than one of the categories listed in the table above, it is assigned to the lowest category.
  • The legend is clickable, exclude or include the categories and change the representation as needed.
  • Visualize the bid breakdown per day or per bid bucket. Bids are often concentrated above and close to the deal price.
  • Display data in absolute value (number of bids) or relative value (share of the bids per category over the total amount of bids) using the buttons.

The bids that have participated in the auctions are qualified as:

Bid qualification



Filtered out due to  inventory settings or other technical reasons

Below floor

Not eligible, bid was below the floor


Lost to a bid of higher value


Lost to a bid of higher priority (e.g. direct campaigns, guaranteed deals.)

Wins w/o imp

Bids that won the auction but didn’t deliver an ad


Bids that won the auction and delivered an ad