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Oath Inc.

2 Overview Panel under Demand Insights

The graph  in the Overview panel represents the evolution of the main KPIs in the selected time range.

  • Click the graph legend to select or deselect metrics of interest. A maximum of 4 metrics may be selected at the same time.
  • Delta is computed against a previous period of time that has the same duration of the period currently selected.




Reported in USD, driven by impressions bought


Number of impressions bought


Number of attempts to display an ad the Video SSP platform makes for the bidder or advertiser


Average revenue in USD corresponding to a thousand ads bought

Win bid CPM

Price of the winning bid in USD, for a thousand impressions

Part. %

Participation rate: share of auctions for which the buyer submitted at least one bid

Win %

Win rate: number of impressions won by the buyer divided by the number of auctions the buyer participated in with at least one bid

Success %

Success rate: percentage of ad attempts that delivered an impression (computed as impressions/ad attempts)


Number of times the ad was clicked