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Oath Inc.

1 Demand Insights Dashboard

Use Demand Insights to analyze buyers’ behavior on your inventory. Demand Insights provides traditional metrics (revenue, impressions) and a deep analysis of bidding strategies (bid breakdown analysis

  • The top 20 bidders are displayed in descending order by revenue.
  • Change how the metrics are sorted by clicking the table headers.
  • See more buyers per page using the pagination at the bottom of the table.

Each line of the table is clickable and provides additional insights on the selected bidder or advertiser:


Table column


Search box Use the search bar to filter the data either for a specific Buying Organization (bidder) or Advertiser by name.
Advertiser domain toggle Toggle the Advertiser Domain switch to ad or remove a column containing that data.

Date Selector

Use the Date Selector to pick a date range for the data you wish to visualize. For details, see 2 Date Selector and Export Data.
Export data Downloads data from the main table with this button. Click and select either CSV, XLSX or PNG from the drop down.

Buying organization

Name of the platform (DSP/bidder) buying the impressions.

  • Clicking the All Buying organization line provides aggregated data for all bidders.
  • When performing research on either a buying organization or an advertiser, a subtotal line appears in the table.
  • Click the subtotal line to access aggregated data for the bidders and advertisers that correspond to your research.

Table Metrics

  • Advertiser domain: Optional field: name of the advertiser domain displaying the impression
  • Impressions: Total number of impressions sold to that buyer
  • Revenue: Revenue in USD driven by the impressions sold to that buyer
  • Δ Rev.: Delta revenue measures the change in revenue from the currently selected time period against the previous period with the same duration.
  • Rev. Trend: A visual representation of the revenue over the selected period
  • CPM: Average revenue in USD corresponding to a thousand ads sold to the buyer
  • Win bid CPM: Price of the winning bid (in USD, for a thousand impressions)
  • Part. %: Participation rate: share of auctions for which the buyer submitted at least one bid
  • Win %: Win rate: number of impressions won by the buyer divided by the number of auctions the buyer participated in with at least one bid
  • Success %: Success rate: percentage of ad attempts that delivered an impression (computed as impressions/ad attempts)