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Oath Inc.

4 Filters

Select the appropriate filtering for the data to be visualized from the list. Use the plus signs to expand for additional selections.

Screen shot with buttons across the top for cancel/apply/reset the filter choices. List of filters includes: direct vs rtb, device type, countries, audience demographics and sites & apps. Each filter has a plus button to open a drop down of additional choices and a blue button that is used to select all.

Filter Options

Direct vs RTB

Filter by marketplace type

  • Direct

  • Video SSP Marketplace

  • Private Marketplace

Device Type

Filter by the type of device:

  • Connected Device

  • Connected TV

  • Personal Computer

  • Phone

  • Set Top Box

  • Tablet

  • Unknown

Countries Filter by the country where the impression happened.
Audience Demographics

Filter by audience demographic segments, including:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Household Income

  • Children in Household

Only one Audience Demographics filter may be selected at a time. Currently, we use audience demographic segments from AOL and Verizon with relatively high match rates and apply them to the inventory that is sold on our platforms. However, every single impression may not be matched to a particular audience demographic.

Sites & Apps Filter by the impression generating sites and apps. This list depends on the publisher’s inventory.