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Oath Inc.

Flurry / Gemini

Flurry Ads as a Controller

Flurry Ads acts as a controller for the purpose of GDPR compliance. Flurry Ads SDK provides consent APIs that a publisher can integrate with, to share end user consent for ads.

SDK will determine the EU jurisdiction for the user if the publisher upgrades to the GDPR compliant version of SDK with no integration of consent APIs. If device IP is not in EU country list that falls under GDPR laws, then ads will be served as usual.

Publisher will determine whether GDPR scope applies to the app or user/ device and if applicable, capture end user consent in IAB EU Transparency Consent Framework format. App will pass two new params to SDK:

  • isGdprScope - false: not in GDPR scope or true: in GDPR scope
  • consentStrings - multiple consent strings to keep options open for non-IAB consent strings once Oath Ad systems extend beyond IAB consent string formats. Sample IAB Consent String

Important: For now, end user consent string must be passed with key name IAB. Anything else will be ignored by ad systems.

Two ways to pass GDPR scope/ end user consent to Flurry Android SDK.

Two ways to pass GDPR scope/ end user consent to Flurry iOS SDK.

Please go to the Flurry Monetization and GDPR page for full details.