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General FAQ

General questions regarding Analytics Reports:

Question Answer
What is the difference between Analytics Insights and Analytics Reports?

Analytics Insights focuses on Audience Insights and Deal Insights, while Analytics Reports provides the basic campaign performance and error monitoring reports within Ad Server, Video SSP, and SSP. While Analytics Insights provides slicing and dicing capability of the Audience- and Deal-centric data, Analytics Reports allows to build and customize your own reports. Think of it like, Analytics Reports is about what's contractually obligated and financially aligned, while Analytics Insights goes beyond that to provide insights and forecasts.

What is a report typical loading time?

Normally, a report will load up to one minute, but some reports take longer due to their complexity. 

A report will load slowly for any of the following reasons:

  • The report you are trying to run covers more than one month, which requires a lot of data to be processed.
  • Your report is complex and contains many different sections or blocks.
  • Our reporting server is dealing with a high number of multiple report requests at this specific time.

If a report has not loaded yet, do not refresh the page as this will only start the whole loading process over again. Please be patient, it will load eventually.

What is the typical lag in data collection? How to get real time reporting?

A typical time delay between actual video view and the moment it is counted in a report is up to 5 minutes.

To see real-time reporting, you can filter any report to 'Today' in the date/time selection

How far back does the reporting data go?

We keep the full record of your reporting data.

Can I schedule a report to be delivered via email or FTP?

Yes, you can schedule a report to be delivered according to your specified method with your specified frequency. For more details, please refer to: