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3 Available Sections within a Report

Dimensions and Metrics

To explain how dimensions and metrics work, let's consider the following example:
Let's say you want to create a report for your company that will show how many Video Views each video you uploaded has obtained. Then, this is what you will consider when selecting your dimensions and metrics:

  • Metrics are the actual numerical data that is accumulated and stored in our system. In regard to our example above, we would like to select Video Views and/or Video Completions or any other measurable data to be used in our report. By selecting these values you are actually defining what data you want to view.
  • Dimensions are aspects used to slice your metric data. In regard to our example, we would like to slice the Video Views and Completions according to a Video Name and/or ID. This will aggregate all the data accordingly so you can see exactly how many views each video under your selected company has obtained.

Assuming we have only 2 videos named "Video A" and "Video B" and each of them obtained 525,000 video views since they were uploaded, your report will resemble this:

Video Name Video Views
Video A 525,000
Video B 525,000

Video Name is a Dimension, and Video Views is a Metric.

Report Sections

The Report Section Type field allows you to choose from a selection of data representations to be displayed in your report according to the following options:

  • Table.

  • Overview.

  • Area chart.

  • Line chart.

  • Geo chart.

  • Column chart.

  • Pie chart.

See below for the descriptions and examples.


A table contains pieces of information broken down by different dimensions.



Note: For a table, you can select more than one dimension. 


 On overview is a set of big summary statistics without any breakdowns.



Note: Overview doesn't display dimensions, but represents statistics according to your selected metrics.

Area chart



Note: For Area chart, you can only select a single dimension (for the x-axis).

Line chart



Note: For Line chart, you can only select a single dimension (for the x-axis).

Geo chart

A map of the world.  You can hover over different countries to see metrics for that country.  Countries will be shaded if they have higher volumes.



Note: For Geo chart, Country dimension is selected automatically. No additional dimensions can be applied.

Column chart


Note: For Column chart, you can only select a single dimension (for the x-axis).

Pie chart


Note: For Pie chart, you can only select a single dimension.