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4 Run Reports Page Components

Use the power of filters!

Filters are dynamic! You don't need to create always a new report, just to get a different date range. Instead, you can almost always use and change Filters to get the same data with different filter settings.


Login to Analytics Reports or navigate in the header bar to Reports to display the Manage Reports page. Locate the report directly in the report list or use Search and Filter options.

  • To generate and run an existing report (Standard or Custom) click on the report name.
    Optionally, you can change your previously selected filters settings. The report will re-run and display the updated report data.
  • Open a given report deep link in a browser. For details, see 3 How to Run and Share a Report.


  • The report list displayed in the Manage Reports page depend on your Company's Content Visibility, Role permissions, and User.
  • You will only be able to see and access reports that are either publicly available, shared specifically with your company or created by your user.

Run Reports Page Components.jpg

Run Reports Page Sections

No. Section Description
1 Filter & Refine

Applies filters to the report before running. If all the filters are completed, the report will run and start pulling data.


  • Unless you received a deep link, reports will default to "Yesterday" as the date range and reports will default to your local timezone for Video SSP, SSP, and O2 data.
  • Ad Server data will have a preset time zone that is configured for the organization.
  • In case, the report is a deep link, it will include all filters and show you the exact same date range from the deep link.
  • And any other filters will be specified in the deep link.  Furthermore, if a report has been run already in the last 7 days, it will be in our cache and you should get the report to load very quickly.

Date range: Applies the selected date range to your report data.

Available options:

  • Today: Filters data for a period from the beginning till the current time of the day.
  • Yesterday: Filters data for the previous day.
  • This Week: Filters data for a period from the beginning of the current week up to the current moment.
  • Last 24 hours: Filters data for the last 24 hours.
  • Last 48 hours: Filters data for the last 48 hours.
  • Last 7 days: Filters data for the last 7 days.
  • Last 14 days: Filters data for the last 14 days.
  • Current month: Filters data for a period from the beginning of the current month up to the current moment.
  • Previous month: Filters data for a previous month.
  • Quarter to Date: Filters data for a period from the beginning till the current moment of the current quarter.
  • Previous quarter: Filters data for a quarter that precedes the current one.
  • Year to Date: Filters data for a period from the beginning till the current moment of the current year.
  • Custom Range: Allows you to set a custom date and time range.

Time-Zone: Applies the default (for Video SSP, SSP, and O2 data) or present time (Ad Server) zone to the report.


  • Reports will default to your organization.
  • Optionally, allows to enter the name of a different company to see its report data (related to your user permissions).
2 Report header

Displays the different sections of your report and jumps to a specific section by click on the "hot link". Depending on the report, you may see different section names in the report header.

Optionally, scroll through your report sections using your mouse wheel.

3 Report buttons

Allows you to apply actions to your report. Available options:

  • Edit Report: Opens the Design Report page (Report Designer), where you can make changes to this report.
    The buttons shows only, if you are the report owner and/or you have permissions to edit.
  • Download Report: Downloads all contents of your report to an Excel file. Once the report is ready, it will automatically download to your browser.
4 Print chart

Allows you to download report section images in different print chart formats. Clicking the blue hamburger icon will open a drop-down menu. Available formats:

  • PNG image
  • JPEG image
  • PDF document
  • SVG vector image


Section Image Print Chart.jpg

Deep Link URL (Share Reports)

Deep Link URL (Share Reports).jpg

When you run a report, you will see a deep link in the URL including the report id and the filters used in the report.
You can copy and send this link to other users and they can send links to you.  These links make it easy to use the same report and see the same data as someone else.

Just remember, if you send the link to someone, they need to have permissions to see the same report.
Or, someone sends you a deep link and you can't use it, most likely it's a permissions issue. In this case, please reach out to your Account Manager.