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1 User Interface Overview

Analytics Reports provides the basic campaign performance and error monitoring reports for the different ONE Publisher portals (Video SSP, Ad Server, SSP).

To open the Analytics Reports portal login to
Result: By default you will land on the Reports > Manage Reports page; this is your hub for finding, creating and running all reports which you have access to.

ONE Reporting User Interface Overview.jpg

Sections Overview

No. Section Description
1 Header bar
  • Insights: Takes you from Analytics Reports over into into Analytics Insights. To return to Analytics Reports just hit Reporting in the header bar.

Optionally, navigate to the hamburger menu in the header bar and select Analytics Insights.
Note: While Analytics Insights provides slicing and dicing capability of the Audience- and Deal-centric data, Analytics Reports allows users to build and customize their own reports. Think of it like, "Reporting" is about what's contractually obligated and financially aligned, while "Analytics" goes beyond that to provide insights and forecasts.  For details about Analytics Insights in general, see Analytics Insights.

  • Reports: Provides all features of the Analytics Reports portal.
  • Change Publisher portal option (Hamburger Menu):  Analytics Reports, users can navigate back to other portals, depending on their user permissions.
    Navigating from Analytics Reports to Oath Ad Platforms.PNG
  • Help: Opens the Analytics Reports Help Center.
2 Report tabs
  • All Reports tab (default): Shows the Manage Reports page with all existing reports:
    • All standard reports curated for you
    • All reports which you have created   
    • Any reports shared by your colleagues
  • My Reports tab: Keeps you on the Manage Reports hub, but will only show all reports which you have created.
  • Create Report tab: Shows the Design Report page (Report Designer), which allows to create a customized report.
3 Filter & Refine
  • Allows to search for reports either by Report Name and/or  Created By name of report owner.
  • Allows you to use predefined filters such as Date Created and Report Type:
    • All: All reports in the Manage Reports page.
    • Standard Reports: Sample reports created by our product management team and made available for all users.
    • My Favorite Reports: Any reports in the Manage Reports page starred by your user as favorites to enable quick access to them.
    • My Custom Reports: Reports created by your user.
    • Archived: All archived reports.
  • Allows you to save your filter selection for future re-use under Saved Filters.
4 Workspace

Shows either the Manage Reports page with a list of reports and options to run a report or the Design Page with options to create a customized report.
Note: The reports displayed in the Manage Reports page depend on your Company's Content Visibility, Role permissions, and User. You will only be able to see and access reports that are either publicly available, shared specifically with your company or created by your user.

For details, see:

New Version Notification Button

As we make improvements to the Analytics Reports user interface, there's no down time for maintenance and updates will be made available continuously. 

  • When this happens, you may see a button called A new version is available.
  • Hitting Refresh will load the latest updates.

New Version Notification Button.png