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3 How to Download a Report

How to Download a Report

Step Action

In the Analytics Reports portal, go to Reports > Manage Reports and locate the required report.

Optionally, search for the required report by entering its name and then press enter/return.


Click on the required report name.

Result: The run reports page opens and displays the selected report. For details, see 4 Run Reports Page Components.

Note: Unless you received a deep link, reports will default to "Yesterday" as the date range and reports will default to your local timezone for Video SSP, SSP, and Video Syndication Network (O2).

3 Optionally, re-set filters.

Click Download Report in the right upper corner.

Result: All contents of your report automatically downloads to your browser into an Excel file.

5 Optionally, download only single sections of the report that are containing an images. For details, see 4 How to Download an Image from a Report.