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2 How to Share a Report

Sharing Reports

You have two options to share reports:

  • Share a report “externally” from Analytics Reports, e.g. with your customers via deep link URL
  • Share a report “internally” within the Analytics Reports platform, e.g. with your colleagues

Sharing a report via deep link

Step Action
1 Run a report. For details, see 1 How to Run a Report.

Once the report run is completed, you will see a deep link URL in your browser.

Copy this link and send it to other users. The link makes it easy to use the same report and see the same data as someone else.

Note: If you send this link to someone, the receiver needs to have permissions to see the same report.

Sharing a report within Analytics Reports

By default, when creating a report, only you (and super administrators) can see that report.

Step Action
1 Click Edit on an existing report or Create New Report to share this report with your colleagues.

In the Design Report page > Basic Information section > activate the Share with others button.

Result: After saving, the report will be listed in the Manage Reports page and everyone else can see, open, use, and run the same report.