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1 How to Run a Report

Running and Navigating a Report

Step Action

Use one of these options to run your report:

Option Action
Open and run an existing report
  • In the Analytics Reports portal, go to Reports > Manage Reports and locate the required report.
  • Optionally, search for the required report by entering its name and then press enter/return.
  • Continue with step 2.
Open and run an external deep link URL
  • Click the deep link.
    Result: The deep link opens in the Manage Reports page and shows the same exact report, with the same exact filters.
  • Continue with step 2.


  • The deep link will include the report id, all filters and shows the exact same date range from the deep link. Furthermore, if a report has already been run in the last 7 days, it will be cached and should load very quickly.
  • Reports are controlled by permissions. If you receive a deep link and can't open it reach out to your Account Manager and have them check your access permissions.


Save and run a new or modified report
  • Create a new report or Edit or Duplicate an existing report.
  • When finalizing the report creation, click Save & Run report.

For details see:



Click on the required report name. You will be defaulted to certain filters and the report will run.
Result: The run reports page opens and displays the selected report. For details, see 4 Run Reports Page Components.

Note: Unless you received a deep link, reports will default to "Yesterday" as the date range and reports will default to your local timezone for Video SSP, SSP, and O2 data.

My report isn't running?

  • In some cases, maybe you didn't fill out all the report filters. The report is blank and there's no data at all?!
  • Check the left side Filter & Refine section and ensure you all filters are set and/or set right.
  • No filters, no report.  All the filters are governed by permissions, so you will only be able to access the data that you are allowed to see (e.g. for the organizations you have access to, for the campaigns you have access to, etc.).
3 Optionally, re-set filters. 

Optionally, click Download Report in the right upper corner. For details, see 3 How to Download a Report.
Result: All contents of your report automatically downloads to your browser into an Excel file.


Optionally, share this report. You have two options to share reports:

  • Share a report “external” from Analytics Reports, e.g. with your customers via deep link URL.
  • Share a report “internal” the Analytics Reports platform, e.g. with your colleagues.

For details, see 2 How to Share a Report.