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3 How to Navigate to/from Analytics Reports

Accessing Analytics Reports Portal Directly

  • Anyone with access can always go directly to the Analytics Reports portal:
  • All you need is a login for one of the Oath Ad Platforms products (Ad Server, Video SSP, and SSP).
  • After login, reports with all the charts and visualizations can be accessed via the Analytics Reports portal.
    For details, see 4 User Interface Overview.

Navigating to/from Analytics Reports Portal

Navigation Option Actions
From Analytics Reports to an Oath Ad Platforms
  • From Analytics Reports, users can navigate back to other portals, depending on their user permissions.
  • In the header bar navigate to the hamburger menu and select the desired platform in the Publisher section:
    Navigating from Analytics Reports to Oath Ad Platforms.PNG
From Analytics Reports to Analytics Insights

Analytics Insights has a set of very interesting tools that are also available from the same navigation bar.

  • To navigate Analytics Insights just hit Insights.
    Result: This will take you from Analytics Reports over into into Analytics Insights.
    Navigating from ONE Reporting to an ONE Analytics.jpg
  • Optionally, navigate to the hamburger menu in the header bar and select Analytics Insights.
  • To return to Analytics Reports just hit Reporting in the navigation bar.

Both Analytics Reports and Analytics Insights are using a common navigation bar which allows users to quickly go in between. 

From Video SSP to Analytics Reports
  • In the header bar on the Video SSP portal navigate to Analytics > Analytics Reports (beta).
    Result: Users will be redirected to the Analytics Reports portal in a new browser tab.  
  • This is controlled through permissions per each Video SSP organization. If you do not see the redirect link, please reach out to your Account Manager to have it activated for the your organization.


From SSP and Ad Server to Analytics Reports

Currently the two portals do not yet support a direct link to the Analytics Reports portal.