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2 Getting Started with Reports

Access Analytics Reports

Step Action

Access Analytics Reports using any of these methods

  • Login to
    Result: By default you will land on the Reports > Manage Reports page; this is your hub for finding, creating and running all reports to which you have access.
  • Via a link within a recurring/scheduled report
  • Via Public Reporting API

For details see Options to Access Analytics Reports below in this topic.


On the Reports > Manage Reports page decide what you would like to do:

Options to Access Analytics Reports

You can access reports via the Analytics Reports portal, from a scheduled report or using the Public reporting API. All methods are interchangeable and will open the same report. If you receive a scheduled report, you can also view that report in the Analytics Reports portal (and vice versa).

Options to access Analytics Reports Description
Direct login to Analytics Reports

All you need is a login for one of the Oath Ad Platforms products (Ad Server, Video SSP, and SSP).
After login, access reports with all the charts and visualizations via the Analytics Reports portal.
For details, see 4 User Interface Overview.

From another publisher portal to Analytics Reports:

  • Optionally,  you can  use links from other Oath Ad Platforms (Video SSP, Ad Server, SSP) that are pointing to Analytics Reports from within each platform's portal. For details, see 5 How to Navigate to/from ONE Reporting.
  • From Analytics Reports, users can navigate back to Oath Ad Platforms portals, depending on their user permissions.
Via scheduled reports Any report can be pushed on a regular cadence (daily, weekly, etc.) to a set of emails, FTP location, and/or S3 location. Opeing one of these reports opens the Analytics Reports portal.
For details, see 3 How to Create a Scheduled Report
Via public reporting API Any data can be pulled via our public reporting API.
For details, see 2 How to Use the Public API

Options to Run a Report

To open the Analytics Reports portal login to
Result: By default you will land on the Manage Reports page; this is your hub for finding and running all reports which you have access to.

Use the power of filters!
Filters are dynamic! You don't need to create always a new report, just to get a different date range. Instead, you can almost always use and change Filters to get the same data with different filter settings.

Options to run a report in the Analytics Reports Description
Open and run an existing report

For a quick start run a Standard Report.

  • On the Manage Reports page navigate to section Filter & Refine > Report Type and select Standard Reports > Click on the desired Report Name to run the report.
  • For details, see 3 How to Run and Share a Report.

Optionally, search for the required report by entering its name and then press enter/return.

Open and run an external deep link URL

Run a report on a given deep link. 
Click the link and see the same data as someone else.

Note: Reports are controlled by permissions. If someone sends you a deep link and you can't use it, most likely it's a permissions issue. In this case, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Save and run a new or modified report

For a customized report create a new report or Edit or Duplicate an existing report.

  • For a basic report with a minimum number of steps navigate either to tab Create Report or to button Create New Report.
  • Enter a Report Name and choose the reporting source (based on the product Video SSP, SSP, or Ad Server).
    For details, see: 2 How to Create a Custom Report (Report Designer).


Options to Manage a Report

Analytics Reports provides many options to operate reports such as:

  • Filter reports
  • Modify or duplicate reports
  • Schedule reports
  • Download reports
  • Archive reports

And many more options. For details, see 3 Managing Reports.