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Oath Inc.

4 Top Sites & Apps Tab under Audience Insights

Use the Top Sites & Apps panel to discover which of your sites and apps index highest against a specific audience segment in terms of revenue and impressions. By default, the panel lists your top 10 sites and apps in descending order based on revenue.

  • Metric Selector : To view your top sites and apps by impressions, select Impressions from the dropdown menu above the bar graph.
  • Metric Tooltip : Hover over each bar next to a site or app to display the Revenue, impressions, CPM, and Inventory Match Rate associated with the selected site/app.
    • The Inventory Match Rate is the percentage of the site/app's total impressions that can be attributed to the selected segment.
    • It is calculated as (# impressions attributed to a particular site/app for a segment) / (# impressions attributed to that site/app in total).